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Lovelace Pump Co., Inc & Lovelace Well Drilling, Inc

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Septic Systems



Residential, Commercial, Agricultural, and Municipal Wells. We serve Sauk, Grant, Iowa, Lafayette, Dane, Green, and Rock counties. Estimates are free and utilize the Wisconsin well construction database, showing rock formations and water depths in your area. We have exceptional knowledge of area drilling conditions and water quality. At Lovelace Well Drilling, Inc. we are committed to finding our customers the highest quality water.


Consider hiring Lovelace Pump Company, Inc. to do your soil testing. With our knowledge and expertise, and the assistance of a soil engineer, we can determine the best type of system that will suit the area being tested.

LIVESTOCK WATERERS - Lovelace Pump Company, Inc

is a dealer of Ritchie Livestock Waterers and Franklin Livestock waterers. From new installation, servicing existing, and replacement of water lines and waterers, Lovelace Pump Co, Inc. can handle every aspect of getting water to your livestock or pets.


When it is determined that a well has no useful purpose, it has no potential future use or has no real value and may constitute a liability, and then the well is, for all practical purposes, abandoned and must be properly decommissioned. Improperly decommissioned wells can directly channel contaminated surface water into groundwater. We must first remove the old pump, pipe, and wiring. Then the abandoned wells must be filled, sealed and plugged according to state regulations. The responsibility for sealing or (decommissioning) an abandoned well lies with the good owner but must be done by a licensed pump installer. This process will help ensure that the drinking water for you and your neighbors is protected from any contamination from ground service water and any other contaminants.


Questions on water quality can all be addressed by Lovelace Pump Company, Inc. Our staff obtains water samples and sends them to a Wisconsin State certified Lab; results are available a few days later. If contamination or water quality is an issue, our company offers well chlorination options, depending on the issue and severity. Testing your water regularly is an important step that well owners can take to make sure their water is safe to drink.


With a wide variety of state of the art equipment and our employee expertise, your job can be completed faster, resulting in a lower price and higher customer satisfaction. Lovelace Pump Company Company, Inc. can meet your excavation needs, whether on a large or a small scale. Our inventory of equipment includes Backhoes and Trachoes of different sizes, Skid loaders, Bulldozers, Trenchers, Compressors, and Dump trucks. We also have an Upsy Daisy, and Downhole camera.


Serving Grant, Iowa, Lafayette, Green, Dane, and Rock. Working with a licensed soil engineer, the process starts with a Perc Test and system design. From the design, we offer free estimates and obtain the state and county permits. Installation includes all excavation and rough grade landscaping.


We can assure that your property meets current codes for well/water systems, and/or septic systems. Many local Realtors use our company for real estate inspections.


New systems designed for your usage and needs, we install systems utilizing bladder pressure tanks or buried pressure tanks. Another modern option is the Constant Flo pressure system, which accommodates a wide range of flow demand, giving you the amount of water you need, when you need it. We use high-quality components, not the kind you can buy at your local big-box discount retailers. A pumping system installed by Lovelace is fully guaranteed, dependable and installed by our knowledgeable installation and repair technicians. Service includes the replacement of pumps, pressure tanks, or the other various components of the water system. We serve Grant, Iowa, Lafayette, Green, Dane, Rock, and Southern Sauk County.